Luxury Fashion Retail Store Designers in Italy

Cipriani Gaon Associates is an established fashion retail consultancy firm offering custom and unique design solutions across multiple disciplines, ranging from stand alone architecture to interior design. The studio applies a holistic approach to design and has been working on the international fashion retail scene for over 30 years.

Established & based in Florence, our Italian retail design firm boasts of a broad and varied experience background working with a diverse range of clients from multi-national corporations to small family run businesses.

Our comprehensive portfolio of luxury retail design projects illustrates our designers’ vast talents and resources in the design & planning of retail stores for the fashion industry.

By working closely with our clients, it is through a collaborative effort that we are able to respond to their requirments and propose a unique design which corresponds to their company's brand & marketplace image. Our varied professional experience empowers us to customize each fashion retail design project and create a unique and captivating retail space.

Retail Business Visual Merchandising

We at Cipriani Gaon Associates are always committed to research & innovative means to create luxury retail design to promote the brand's imagery and to allow our clients to maximize their retail opportunities and commercial prospects in any given location or through an expansion roll out strategy.

We provide a full range of professional design services from initial concept design to the development of bespoke fixtures/furniture by our qualified designers. If requested, we have the means to assist you with a turnkey operation by collaborating with contractors, consultants and craftsmen to help you realize your project.

Our commercial interior designers have years of professional expertise in design & space planning. We are continuously researching new materials, technologies and market trends to create bold & unique statements which best represtent our client's DNA.

This is implemented based on a holistic approach by combinig marketing and a detail-focused approach with the aim to translate a client's brande into an attractive retail space which promotes the brand and it's product. Specialization in Italian Retail Design

We have an international reputation which starts with our Made in Italy designs and trandscends the Italian market through our cleint partnerships and successful projects throughout Italy, Europe and worldwide. It is this experience which allows us to understand and implement our design philosophy when creating the perfect Italian fashion retail store.

Our unique designs strive to unite our insight, experience & strategy to ensure that our creativity is meaningful and unique to every client.

Want to discuss your fashion retail design? Just call us at 39 055 222422. Our designers are here to answer your questions and advise you. You can also write to us at