Luxury Residential Architecture & Design Firm in Florence, Italy

Cipriani Gaon Associates is a distinguished full-service Italian interior design studio having a profound expertise and vast experience in contemporary interiors for homeowners & real estate developers.

We have been at the forefront of interior architecture and design mainly owing to our creative and experienced team of designers. As a premier luxury residential architecture & design studio, we are committed to unique designs which respond to the expectations of our clients, thus allowing us to establish long-term relationships with our client base.

Creative & Innovative Designs

Cipriani Gaon Associates is well-known for its creative and holistic approach to high-end residential interiors.  We are respected for our attention to detail; from the initial design concept to the last construction detail. Our research of materials and technologies allows us to explore innovative design solutions which meet your aesthetic and functional requirements.  We aim to provide you with a refined and elegant solution based on the context with the ultimate goal and understanding that to us, it is a project, to you, it is your home.

Impeccable Customer Satisfaction

We strive to understand your needs and ultimately cultivate long lasting relationships with our clients.  This is necessary so that we can respond to who you are and how you wish to live. Our most successful marketing tool and compliment is the number of our repeat clients.  We assure you that our prompt and professional client support unit will be better than your expectations.  We are always ready to listen & to discuss your ideas, wish list and requirements as we begin the design process and implement your input into what is an intimate collaboration between designer & client throughout the luxury residential design process. 

Creativity, Collaboration & Exceptional Service Is Our Promise

We are a highly motivated, passionate and professional team of designers with a deep understanding of the potential of luxury residential interiors and how the creation of this public / private environment can enrich our lives. It is within this challenge that we aim to provide a contemporary bespoke solution that is both functional and has a unique captivating appeal to you. During this collaboration, you will work closely with our talented & experienced residential interior designers. Our experts will guide you through the design process, infusing life into your vision.  Call us today at +39 055 222422,  we are happy to speak with you and discuss your dream home of tomorrow.