Cipriani Gaon Associates- A Complete Architecture and Design Studio in Florence

Cipriani Gaon Associates (CGA) is a dynamic multi – disciplinary Florence based architecture and design studio. The Studio’s work encompasses a wide range of architectural scales, from ground up buildings to interiors to custom furniture design. The firm works internationally on projects in the Retail, Commercial, Residential and Food & Beverage sectors and posseses an impressive track record of built work circling the globe.

Founded by Ivan Cipriani, a Florentine native and Adam Gaon, an American architect who has been living in Italy for 25 years, the firm is internationally recognized for its Made in Italy design acumen and professional management style. It is the strength of this cross cultural partnership and the profound understanding of different cultures which has permitted the firm to maintain long term relationships with it’s client base including some of the best known fashion companies to create tailored shop or store design.

With over 35 years of experience of working internationally, CGA has been at the forefront of working outside of it’s home country and they have succesfully completed numerous projects on all five continents. While their expertise resides in continental Europe, USA, and the Middle East, the Design Studio has also worked over the years throughout Russia, China and South America.

The Architect Studio offers a full and complete range of professional services from ranging from residential, hospitality, commercial, trade fairs to luxury store design solutions. s

CGA works closely with each client to understand his vision and to evaluate the project requirements and budget. Working within these parameters, the Design Studio is highly dedicated and committed to providing high quality personalized store design and management services. CGA is a hands on firm with the partners involved in all phases of the projects. In addition to their in – house staff, and due to their many years of working internationally, CGA Architects has developed a network of professional consultants to whom they call on to offer their professional services while working abroad.

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Our Architecture & Design Studio Stands For Excellence

Bringing together dynamic design concepts and material experimentation, our architecture and design Studio CGA possesses a strong contemporary design philosophy and sensibility which is rooted in classic Italian design. The Studio prides itself on its Made in Italy designs and thanks to their cross cultural partnership, the Partners are able to understand and bridge the different market forces on both sides of the Atlantic.

It is with this spirit that CGA approaches each new project by analyzing and evaluating each project’s unique requirements and objectives. Through careful study and investigations in form, materials and texture, the firm, maintaining their reputation for high quality and design excellence, believes that the principal aspect of good design is creating a sense of place and a strong “brand” image.

Studio CGA is dedicated and committed to providing their clients with new ideas, high quality and design excellence. This committment is demonstrated by providing the highest level of client services through quick and decisive communication and the desire to provide for a seamless client experience.

Since its founding and demonstrated through their established track record of international built work over the last 25 years, CGA has always been recognized primarily as a Retail design firm. In recent years the firm has grown, developed and acquired new clientele which has allowed it to branch out into the Commercial and Food & Beverage sectors.

The Studio is a close knit team where a partner is closely involved in every project and all team members participate in the full spectrum of each project phase from design to construction of shops or stores.

CGA believes that each project is a collaboration between the Client and Architect on their shared journey to making a “special place”.

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Ivan Cipriani

Adam Gaon

Born in New York City, Adam Gaon commenced his studies at Syracuse University, (NY) in 1983 and graduated with a Bachelors of Architecture (BArch) in 1988. During the academic year of 1986-1987, he studied in Florence, Italy thru Syracuse University’s Program Abroad and subsequently worked in London (UK) from May – August 1987.

Upon graduation, he worked for several firms in New York City working on hi end residential and commercial projects. From 1991 – 1994, he crisscrossed the Atlantic residing and working in New York and Florence. In 1995, he settled in Florence where he worked with several Italian firms. In 1996, he initiated his collaboration with Ivan Cipriani and became a Partner in 1999.

His work has been widely exhibited and published in both the USA and Italy.

Ivan Cipriani

Ivan Cipriani

Born in Barberino del Mugello (Firenze), Ivan Cipriani studied at the Florence Istituto Statale d’Arte.

Upon graduation, he worked as an Interior Designer and in 1982 became a Partner in a design build firm specializing in trade fair stands and exhibitions.

In 1985, he established his own firm and began working with the Fratini Group in the Retail sector. This collaboration led to developing retail concepts and project rollouts for major international brands throughout Europe.

During the 1990’s he designed 2 separate collections of women’s handbags which were produced by Bottega Manifattura Borse (BMB), Firenze and sold worldwide.

In 1996, he initiated his collaboration with Adam Gaon which led to their partnership and the founding of Cipriani Gaon Associati.